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“Maname is a name given to girls (Manamo is for boys). It is a way to telling a child that he/she is born into a caring family & relatives, he/she is surrounded with such a people. So, fear not for you've caring people around you. The second meaning applies to parents. Parents name their child 'Maname' to convey a message that they no longer feel lonely now as they have their own child; that the birth of a child had brought one more blessing to the family.

It comes from Kambatta word 'Mana,' which means people. By naming their child 'Maname' or 'Manamo', parents are saying that their horizon has widened, literally or figuratively. It is their way of manifesting their joy to the world at large.
Maname:one surrounded by people/family, one who is blessed/who brought blessings, one who has support/care of others,
by Fankfrank March 09, 2013
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