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Man-pon: a tightly wound paper towel or toilet paper approximately 6 inches in length that is placed between the ass cheeks to prevent... leakage. Developed in the mid-90's in response to the use of "O-lean" vegetable oil substitute which caused anal leakage in many subjects. When "O-lean" was no longer found in food products, the Man-Pon was nearly eradicated from the shelves until recently with the emergence of "Alli" a supplement that is taken for weightloss which causes a person to bypass all fats through their GI tract, resulting in a drippy anus.
I have diarrhea and allergies... I should put in a Man-Pon to prevent any accidents from sneezing.
by NotMackISwear July 10, 2008
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(noun) A person who sits on the front porch and intimidates, says negative things, or otherwise makes things unpleasant for those nearby.
The boys walked past the house of old man Thompson, the neighborhood porch dick, who always assumed they were up to no good.
by bigweaseldaddy March 08, 2015
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A paper towel like device inserted in the rectum of a gay man or a prisoner in order to stop the leakage of cum coming out of their butt-hole
Corrections Officer Schmidt removed a long piece of toilet paper from Inmate 015612's ass. Upon examining it, Office Schmidt didn't find shit but rather a white substance that resembled semen. When questioned about the toilet paper, Inmate 015612 said that it was a manpon.
by E-Dog1209 February 14, 2016
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Anything a guy uses, like toilet paper or anything like that, used to plug or cover your asshole to absorb things like mudbutt, anal leakage, and/or shart
Guy 1: What the fuck is that smell??
Guy 2: Oh that's my old manpon, I've been eating a bunch of spicy foods and haven't changed it for two days.
by Sexican619 December 29, 2006
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Like a tampon only used in a mans rectum to soak up liquidy poo
by yoyo August 14, 2003
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Similar to the feminine tampon, the masculine 'manpon' is used for the reduction of sweat between the cheeks of the buttocks, placed firmly between the cheeks in times of high pressure, stress, or sweat-causing situations
These new manpons work great! I never have to be embarrased at the gym again!
by Ross Smith February 13, 2003
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Whan you have to go to the bathroom really bad, but there is no where to go, you stick a napkin or somthing on your butt incase of leakage
I am so glad i had that man pon on the bus ride or else i would have huge baconstrips.
by Andrew Eclipse February 05, 2007
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