Man-pon: a tightly wound paper towel or toilet paper approximately 6 inches in length that is placed between the ass cheeks to prevent... leakage. Developed in the mid-90's in response to the use of "O-lean" vegetable oil substitute which caused anal leakage in many subjects. When "O-lean" was no longer found in food products, the Man-Pon was nearly eradicated from the shelves until recently with the emergence of "Alli" a supplement that is taken for weightloss which causes a person to bypass all fats through their GI tract, resulting in a drippy anus.
I have diarrhea and allergies... I should put in a Man-Pon to prevent any accidents from sneezing.
by NotMackISwear July 10, 2008
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Whan you have to go to the bathroom really bad, but there is no where to go, you stick a napkin or somthing on your butt incase of leakage
I am so glad i had that man pon on the bus ride or else i would have huge baconstrips.
by Andrew Eclipse February 05, 2007
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To insert a towel or wash rag of some sort in ones rectal cheeks to prevent a shart and/or liquidy number 2's
One is out all night drinking and partying and has visited the bathroom more then once experiencing explosive diarea, thats when a MAN-pon comes in handy.. it is keeping it from leakage.
by Mr.Fantastic- March 25, 2008
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Toilet paper or fabric convicts shove up their asshole to prevent leakage (blood, semen, feces) after being anally raped.
Inmate 1: Yo Dawg, N'DeShawn done use Kee Kee's durag as a man-pon!
Inmate 2: I know, Kee Kee fixin' to get dat mothafucka iced.
by Moulsecombe January 06, 2020
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When an enormously large turd comes out of your asshole and rips your butthole to shreds. Your butthole starts to bleed. To stop and absorb the bleeding you then shove toliet paper up your now torn ass.
"I have the worst man pon ever after I ate at Denny's." said Damian.
by Foodtown January 18, 2005
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