Said when the would be, baller is talking all the shit to get what he/she wants
Another way of being called out after action has been taken.
You want it sucka, it's time to Man up. Request or ask for what you want and see what happens.


Guy: Bro I put $20 on the fact J's bullshittin.

Girl: Yeah he won't do it! Says he's a bad ass baller but won't just go for it. Man up dude.
Guy: Nevermind $20. I put a 50 spot on the fact he pussies out and doesn't do it.
by wolfdog8mynutsDrnsqirl November 25, 2009
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When some boy or a man act very feminized and has behavior that is more appropriate for the female gender like gesturing or liking some things that it is not usually for guys to like ( such as makeup, fashion, etc.).When that boy or a man decided to change and to start acting and liking things that guys usually like(such as football ,beer etc) we could say that he Man up himself
John: Remember my neighbor Jack?
Joseph: Of course,that guy who everyone thinks is gay because of his effeminacy?
John,Yeah that guy,he actually Man up himself,he started to gym,he got muscles and he started to go on football matches
Joseph: Wow,he really man up himself
by Kaivosguy11 April 10, 2020
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to gain the perspective of an adult (usually male) in order to achieve a goal.
If he wants to get a job, he should put down the crayons and man up.
by jameson556 November 18, 2018
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1.) To fulfil your needs to become a macho, toughened up, non-sissy lala type of man

2.) To "man up!" refers to "don't be a pussy", "wipe them tears", "man the freak up!"

3.) To achieve a fathers personal hope of becoming a man
I want my mommyyyyyy!

by exploding air plane 6969 September 14, 2017
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