For a man to do the wrong thing, as opposed to Manning Up and doing the right thing. The phrase "Man Out" and its variations ("Manning Out," "Men Out," etc.) were coined by historian and author Andrew Yarrow, who described this phenomenon in his book "Man Out: Men on the Sidelines of American Life."
That poor guy is really a Man Out and abandoned his wife and kids after losing his job....
by Nick Darling November 25, 2018
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When a male's subconscious went into the world of titties and football and ignored every VERY important thing the female said.
girl: "So Suzie said that she told Mary that Bob was... Are you listening to me?"

man: *no response*

girl: "Oh.My.God. You just totally manned out on me!"

man: "Huh?"
by NellieReno February 27, 2011
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(verb): Throwing a series of printers (starting with your own and progressing to your roommates') onto a hard surface such as pavement, and hence destroying them
Can I borrow your printer? I'm real stressed from all these finals, I just need to man out.

-Dude, why did Jimmy get arrested last night?
-He got all wasted and manned out
by holtergeist10 May 2, 2005
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when a young gay male becomes a grown man.
Jason just turned 29 but still felt 23. But he realized he had "manned out" when a younger East Village boy promptly told him, "You're cute, but aren't you like 30?"
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a slang used to define a person that has a strange behavior or belief, stands alone in or out from a group.
I wish he would stay and party with us but he has better things to do. He's a real "Odd Man Out".
by January 15, 2009
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like being the odd man out, but if you were included you would make the group an even number
John:how are things goin with your 3 roommates?
Mike: They're okay, but I always feel like the even man out
by Bigg Redd99 November 3, 2010
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A term created in Nottingham. Referring to everyday needs.
Person 1 - Safe, lend us a tenner?
Person 2 - Erm.. No
Person 1 - C'mon... Sort man out
by NG5 R3D February 24, 2009
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