mun bun dontay has a manbun. he was in a fine peice of videography on pornhub titled april fools. he will make your room shake. that rat alfie keeps pulling on his man bun.
oh shit man bun dontay is making my room shake
by shaan simp May 11, 2020
A man bun dad is a young father, usually of post-grad school age and/or status. Defining characteristics include:

- A hearty man bun
- A startup family with one or two small children
- Carhartt's work pants, folded up to reveal Chaco sandals or an ankle tattoo from youth
- Tee shirt from a brewery or outdoors store in whatever liberal college town they've decided to pitch a nest in
- Promising future with a green tech company or something of that good yuppie nature
Hey look, that man bun dad and his offspring are starting a zucchini garden!
by Mollsballs August 9, 2015
Cause he 🤍 them
Ethan’s man bun is sad
by $$on February 13, 2022
When you pioneered eventual consistency back in the days and keep saying you actively contribute to core kubernetes but each time you're asked to show something you just hit the up arrow aimlessly trying to find a relevant command from 2 hours ago or don't even have a github link for it yet.
He really rolled back production man bun style and got the devs stalled for 77 minutes ...
by qualitybot5g December 18, 2020
A pragmatic and trendy hairstyle for men who want to tie up their long hair.

In 2013, was considered avant-garde for some reason.

In 2020, still gets you girls and makes boys insecure.
Girl #1: That guy looks hot in a man bun
Girl #2: I want to fuck him
by nobi wan August 30, 2020
MBA is a warning to others that a "man" with a dog turd on his head is nearby.
Person 1: "Uh oh, MBA (man bun alert)."
Person 2: "Where's my pooper scooper?"
by Ancients_Arise October 31, 2022
Being drunk on a level greater than being Hoffed.

One will find themselves in this state after playing much PUBG and drinking with friends.
Kristy was man bunned really hard last night
I got totally man bunned yesterday
If I get man bunned will you feed me nuggets and tell me im pretty
by Muffz April 1, 2018