mans got some buns, like cake.
used in a sentence, when somebody got cake like a booty.
used to COmplImEnT SomeOnE
big booty jenny: heyyy man
big man buns: hi
big booty jenny: damnnn, mans got some buns
big man buns: thanksss jenny, i know just got it from somewhere idk where.
big booty jenny: yeah dont talk to me anymore.
mans got some buns, but better. a man that got cake but theyre called buns.
used in a sentence when you see someone having big cake, sorry i regret.
rich man: hey man.
poor man: hey man.
rich man: dammmnnn, mans got some buns.
poor man: thanks man, i got them from someone like a plastic surgeon.
Racking The Man Bun Aka The Most Godlike Man Bun Possible
Guy1- “Nice Man Bun Dude”
Guy2-“Yeah Dude I’ve been Racking The Man Bun Lately”
Guy1-“Yeah Dude Your Right!”
by FatMf July 20, 2018
Male pubic hair grown out and styled into a bun
A true G makes a bun with his bush.

He's got a G's man bun. I wonder what his girl thinks about it.
by MarGo ROtH SpiGeLMan August 12, 2016