4 definitions by shaan simp

mun bun dontay has a manbun. he was in a fine peice of videography on pornhub titled april fools. he will make your room shake. that rat alfie keeps pulling on his man bun.
oh shit man bun dontay is making my room shake
by shaan simp May 11, 2020
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cody corona is the only surviving gluten. cody vibrates his head and walks in a macho stance while holding his bag in front of him. cody dunks his damaged chrome dome head in bleach at least once a day. He wants to use his hexagon teeth to munch on nuttella covered booty. DOO! DEE! DOO! DAA! DEE! DOO! DEE!
cody corona has bleached his pubes again
by shaan simp May 11, 2020
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April Fools is a fine piece of pornography starring man bun dontay where a man says that he has a pain on his leg but is was actually his pp and he got his step sister to jerk him off. his sister got naked in his bed THE NEXT DAY. he fricked her bum hol and he said "ugh this is so wrong" and she said "making me touch your cock on the couch was not wrong" and in his defence he said "you didn't even touch it" they decided to frik some more. his pp fell out when she was jirating on his pp. i got scared because i thought that she had a shlong. man bun dontay said "fuck get back in there" when he was about to cum he told he to get off and she said no then he said "oh god" he flinged in her coochie and then text came up saying "oops you missed the best part"
by shaan simp May 12, 2020
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