The way of showing the world you are a twat without having to speak. Also known as Douche Donut
I have a skirt you can borrow that would go great with your man bun.
by ddonley88 April 15, 2016
Look at that douche with his man bun and rompers on.
by Sir Pudlong September 8, 2020
Literally what it sounds like. A bun on a man
Did you see that guys man bun?
by The Square Pear December 27, 2016
When a man has a bun. Usually it is slightly greasy but it is sooo hot. Hippie usually have man buns, or just general hotties.
Man buns are going to be so hot in the future
Ellen wishes her extremely sexy, handsome boyfriend would grow a Man Bun, he'd get every sexier!
by MelonTeets October 14, 2010
A hairstyle some men like to wear because it complements their face. usually goes well with a beard. This hairstyle is attractive to some women.

Men with lush long hair who work hard will tie their hair into a man bun so that it stays out of their face.

Some men are jealous of this hairstyle because they are either balding or closed minded.
I love my husband's man bun because it complements his strong face.
by MoxxyFox May 7, 2020
An oxymoron in terms, as it is neither edible or a representation of masculinity.

May also be called a Bitch Biscuit, or as seen below, a douche donut.
Always remember to let down your man bun before going onstage for your drag routine.
by Oddih October 18, 2020
tim: hey like my new man bun

jim: oh gwad, just stop, oh no, no no no no no no
by d3rp October 13, 2015