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God What A Dick.

An expression conveying disapproval with the attitudes/actions of another person.

Usually used on the internet, but occasionally emulated in real-life (pronounced "gwahd", although mistaken for "god"). The last word could also be substituted for "Douche" or "Dumbass."

Tim: Hey Tom, can I borrow your car?
Tom: Sure, just don't get crunk and crash it like Jake did.
Tim: I can't believe he did that! GWAD.


James: Did you hear about Jake?
John: Yeah, he slept with Tim and Tom's sister!
James: GWAD!
by Mister Oxygen September 18, 2009
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GWAD. Each letter stands for something else. G is gee. A is simply a. W is what. D is douche. so wen put together it means gee what a douche. This cud replace douche bag, retard, or but munch.
Look at the gwad with Barney backpack on the longboard.
by TeaJay February 17, 2009
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A person Who is constantly acting gay and annoying others with thier acts of gayness in a conversation with another person.
Sirrye: Omg the vines are so cool.
Mike: Why are you such a G Wad?
Sirrye: Cause im a asshole.
by The Exile July 10, 2005
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An omnipotent being that watches over negros "in da hood."
If normal society refers to a Canine lupus familiaris as "dog," and the reverse of a Canine lupus familiaris is the way we spell our Lord, surely our African American friends, who call a Canine lupus familiaris a "dawg," worship a Gwad?

Just food for thought.
by ~The Nameless One~ June 26, 2005
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G-wad means girl with a dick. a hermafidite. It's dawg backkwards.
yo, that ugly motha fucker is a g-wad.
by DaBomb April 16, 2005
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