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A female name. Extremely uncommon spelling, pronounced 'Mah-Lee-Ah'.
Most of the time intelligent, loud, but kindhearted.
Did you get help from Malyia on the math test?" "Heck yeah, and I passed!
by Bobberson. December 12, 2010
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Malyia is a great person. She is kind hearted and has a flowy kinda feel. She can be very loud at times. She likes being with a small group of friends and likes to have lots of fun. She can be over the top sometimes. She kind of like a little hippie she doesn't care for drama she just makes a laugh out of everything. She let's everything go past her she doesn't really care for showing pain because she doesn't want anyone feeling sympathetic. She can be very outrageous and obnoxious but deal with it.
Did you see Malyia today?
Yea I did I love her hair its so beach wavy
by Yofavgirl January 01, 2017
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a girl who cant keep her mouth shut! ugly and has messed up shark teeth. BIGGEST instagator. she causes problem with everyone and has no friends. she's constantly guyless. she tries to be a whore but is just annoying... biggest bitch in the world
"i hate her"

"ya shes a Malyia"
by Boobears October 13, 2011
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