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Skilled at not only arts, but gaming and online communications. Not so social, but friendly.
Holy shit, that maleena got me on SSBB again! I'll beat her next time!
by Lee Neko January 07, 2012
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Maleena is the best friend you can have. she understands you and knows exactly how to make you feel better. most of the time, Maleena’s been through a lot of shit. she’s sensitive and very insecure but she tries not to show it. all the guys want her. she slays everyone’s lives. all the girls are jealous.
guy #1: Maleena looks so hot today. guy #2: When does she not ?!
by mal22364 May 23, 2018
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the younger sister who always looks up to the older one. thinks of her older sister as God and will do anything for her.
she's such a maleena to her!
by Areilma February 05, 2008
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