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Malak is an arabic name, meaning angel for girls. Most girls named 'Malak' are kind, ambitious and white hearted, physically they define beautiful, with their big brown eyes and brunette hair. You'll find girls named 'Malak' artsy, and loving they're extremely decent and they have high standards. They're insecure, even with all that exceptional beauty. If a Malak is in love, she'll love that person with all her heart, even if they don't love her back, she defines the perfect girl.whenever you find a malak, be sure that you'll never ever ever find a girl like her, ever.
Oh God, Look at Malak, she's so charming. I wish I could be her.

Malak is my dream girl, she's perfect
by Twittahchick December 15, 2012
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An Arabic girl who normally has light brown hair and BEAUTIFUL brown eyes. Most times, they think they are ugly but they are unique, crazy, funny, beautiful and different in every perfect way! They are insanely beautiful and you would want to have a Malak in you life!
Omg She's so pretty!!! I so wish I was her!!! She's definitely a Malak.
by mary12ann December 19, 2017
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Malak is an arabic name meaning "Angel"
All Malak's are stunning and you cant get enough of her!Any man would be lucky to be with her
Malak' have beautiful hair and light brown tiger eyes.
She has a beautiful figure and shes tall .Mala'ks are the most beautiful people ever
Shes stunning.Thats definatly a Malak
by Leah Mcleard76 October 01, 2018
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An Arabic name meaning Angel.It is Unisex.
Girl malaks normally have light brown hair and brown eyes.
They are ambitious , artsy .
and drop dead gorgeous.
wow , that girl is amazing all round , she's a Malak fo sho.
by wadina April 07, 2009
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An Arabic name means angel.
A very beautiful girl that could get really sassy and she is also sexy.
Malak a brown hair girl with light brown eyes
by john867 August 15, 2011
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The weak and pathetic Sith Lord after the true Lord Revan. Betrayed his master from afar like a coward. Was eventually killed by his master for his weakness.
Fuck you weak and pathetic servant of the light!!!
by LORD REVAN! April 18, 2005
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Arabic word meaning messenger and angel of god (unisexual name) but when in boy terms:
Sexy, tall and intelligent male with a lot of side chicks mainly the ones with phat asses as well as getting girls with phat asses.
Look at him his name is definitely, Malak
by CènturyKid April 05, 2017
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