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A very strong and independent woman. She usually loves to help people at a certain point, but not to much. She is kind, and absolutely stunning. She likes to have fun, and can get very loud. Makell's tend to be sensitive towards the people they love most. It is also not hard for them to fall in love. Makell's also know how to have a lot of fun! They tend to be girly, which makes them great listeners and good to talk to and fun to laugh with, and a little tom-boyish which makes them fun and daring. Mix those together, and you get an amazing friend, and wonderful all around person. They do have their days, and when they do it's all hell breaks lose! They usually are shy at first, but once you become their best friends, you won't ever want to let her go. Makell's are reliable, and loyal. They make great Girlfriends/Boyfriends, and any guy would be lucky to have one in his life. Any person should work hard to have a Makell in their life, because their ditsy, clumsy personality, helps for a bad day. As well as their amazing sense of humor.
Whoa! Look at that pretty girl!
Yeah, she is so a Makell.
"Really? I have got to get her number!
by Makell's Best Friend! July 06, 2012
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A guy who thinks he is "all that" when he really not.
MaKell: I look good today
person: no you dont
by Kenziedafrenzy January 22, 2018
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