Make A Wish is a song released in 2020 by South Korean boy group NCT U,a sub-unit of NCT consisting of Taeyong,Jaehyun,Doyoung, Lucas, Xiaojun, Shotaro and Jaemin
A : Hey,did you hear Make A Wish by NCT U?
B : Yeah,it's a total bop!
by niconicokneecaps November 7, 2020
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It's a song by NCT U.
P1: What is make a wish?
P2: it's a song by NCT U
by Chooseloveall November 7, 2020
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it is said that at if you make a wish at 10:10 your dreams, desires and wishes will come true.

Make a wish today from the bottom of your heart, sincerely, honestly and with the purest intentions.

Peace. Harmony. Love
by wish maker 119 June 14, 2010
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When you get a wig or cut someone's hair and then cum on a bald girls head and throw the hair on top
That bitch was so bald i gave her a make a wish bitches love making wishes
by Chineselollipop March 20, 2017
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another way to say “have a sex” in a magical way
One fine midnight in NCity...
Jaehyun: I think now u should make a wish again, since I can do this all night and day
Taeyong: Y bitch? I’m tired of making some wishes rn. You always want me to make some wishes.
Jaehyun: Aha, this I’ll give you everything you want.
Taeyong: What?! Back it up, back it up!
by soomanies November 21, 2020
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When cumming on a girls head, ask them to "make a wish"
as john doe cumed on her head, he asked her to make a wish
by Jesus Christ December 11, 2003
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A children's charity organization for terminally ill children up to 18 years of age. Grant's a dying child their one wish in life, no matter how extreme.
Foundation: You are only 12 and we grieve your time is so short, Timmy. What can our foundation do for you?

Timmy: ...

Foundation: Anything you want Timmy! Do you want to meet your favorite football player? Own an Xbox 360 and tons of games? Drive a ferrari?

Timmy: NO GODDAMNIT! I want some ass! ASS!!! ASS ASS ASS AND MORE ASS, and lots of it, I tell you! I want the hottest bitches up in my hospital room, huge titties in each hand, and the best fucking weed ever grown.

Foundation: Timmy, you got it! That's what the Make a Wish Foundation is all about, helping kids fulfill their dreams!
by The Gimp November 6, 2012
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