1. He lived in America for 4 years, that’s why he’s here man.

2. Poetic beauty

3. Dimples

4. Your first love

5. Art
I just want some milk

Jaehyun, unkown

As I see the Dreamies grow, Mr good lookin Jung Jaehyun whispered in my ear “Be quiet don’t cry.”
by Phantasia0114 August 17, 2018
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A charming and talented boy, quite hard to understand and get close to but very loving nonetheless. Has amazing visuals but wants to be known for his great personality and talent in music and dance. Everyone would fall in love with him, truly an ideal man...
Mark: Woah have you seen Jaehyun?
Johnny: You mean everyone’s first love?
by baldpill November 14, 2019
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“hey have you heard of Jaehyun?” “Oh you mean the cutie with the dimples?” “Yes”
by vminkookie_16 August 6, 2019
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You look like a bad boy but you’re the nicest guy anyone would ever meet. Whenever people meet you they will never forget it even if you don’t even talk to them. For some reason you probably have dimples.
Jaehyun is just that guy.
by emilie_thesv February 2, 2021
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A ghoster but when he breathes it's like we won a lottery or smthn like we won a game in casino.

he just breathes then will be gone again for who knows how long.
by May 22, 2021
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That person (aka the most amazing and precious and heavenly and bootiful ,angel that deserves the whole world) who will be in the top of your bias list in any kpop group that you stan
Even though you stan many boy groups ,Jaehyun WILL BE in the top of your bias list
by YourLocalMochi July 6, 2021
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by Taenun June 26, 2022
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