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1. He lived in America for 4 years, that’s why he’s here man.

2. Poetic beauty

3. Dimples

4. Your first love

5. Art
“I just want some milk”

Jaehyun, unkown

As I see the Dreamies grow, Mr good lookin Jung Jaehyun whispered in my ear “Be quiet don’t cry.”
by Phantasia0114 August 17, 2018
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A handsome and striking model and vocalist with androgynous and confident flare. The very definition of why half Asians are superior to everyone else. Excellent style and creativity. Fantastic vocal range and power. Can dance the girl group songs better than the girls and hip thrust with the best of the boys .

Trained under 2 separate companies and is once again off radar.
"wow he hit that note really well , a lot of stability and range." " Yeah , almost like jaehyun"
by Lattè August 24, 2017
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