when a guy and girl and in some cases 2 girls kiss each for a long period of time and at the same time playin wit each others tongue.
i got drunk at the party and started making out wit a girl.
by weikool June 28, 2003
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The totally gay American phrase for kissing...very high school.Used to great extent in "teeny-bopper" films
I heared Cindy made out with Josh
I really want to make out with Sandy
by Anonymous June 29, 2003
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To kiss continuously.
Marilyn glanced at Austin. It was 3:29. They had a project to work on together, and got dismissed at 3:30. It was the 8th grade, but it was April and Marilyn stayed back a grade, whereas she was 15 ,Austin 14. They bell rang and they hopped on the bus to marilyns house. The bus took them there and they headed up to Marilyn’s bedroom. Austin smiled and opened the door for her. He knew that they would make out.They sat on the bed Indian style, and wrapped their legs around each others ass. Austin lunged at Marilyn, pinning her to the bed. He kissed her sloppily, on top of her .
He grabbed her 3 in flat ass and squeezed it. They got up, not to stop their make out session . their underage tounges were flopping around each other mouth. She tuned the small knob and tiptoed to the bathroom, her legs around Austin’s ass.they opened the door and ran I , locking the door, Marilyn pulled off her shirt and bra while pulling away from Austin’s sloppy grip. He stared at her B-Cup tits and then at her. She winked and he bent down to suck them. She friend joy to moan and raise attention from downstairs, but couldn’t help it. They were wet with saliva as they walked to the bathtub. He laid her down and groped her. She humped him, her hips moving up and down. He did the same. Austin pulled away for a second and whispered , “ I haven’t seen a pussy from a girl our age yet...” she looked up and pulled down her tight jeans, then her panties. He hung open in shock and pulled down his. “ I haven’t given a Handjob yet” she whispered back. He gripped his balls and flung them towards Marilyn . He whispered in shock, “ I haven’t fingered yet,” she was still looking at her pussy. “ another day” she responded while rubbing his balls in between her fingers. They continued kissing as he tit fucked her , still in shock. She heard a knock on the door and yelled, “ occupied” as she fingered herself with a free hand. But her V card still belonged to her at the end of the day when Austin’s mom picked him up.
by Oodleoodler March 07, 2019
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A now-outdated phrase that denotes kissing and cuddling, used primarily by pre-teen heterosexuals who had just played spin-the-bottle in their parents' basement, after watching the Brady Bunch.
"Will you make out with me?"
by Margo June 27, 2003
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to kiss for more than 6 seconds, and or to have intercourse with the other sex.
i can makeout with my girlfriend everyday because im 14.
by Bov west November 07, 2007
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to kiss profusely using the lips of the mouth. tongue to tongue action is usually integrated. making out is a form of oral sex; fluid transfers take place.
Those two were making out during that entire movie.
by C to the H A June 29, 2003
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the act of rubbing two mouths together for an extended period of time... at least 2 minutes.
Shawn and Shawna came to a point in their relationship where they found it appropriate to rub their mouths together... make out!
by Shawna S. March 07, 2004
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