Kissing some one. Tounge-ing. French Kissing.
I want to make out with daniel smargie he is sooooo effing hot
by Daniel Is Sexy September 13, 2006
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extremely hoot kissing involving tongue and touching that usually leads to sex and or bj's
me + jarrod + make out = oolala
by jarrods baby January 24, 2009
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A person who basically makes out to something they are not. Can also be used in conjunction with someone's name. But is most commonly used as a way of shutting down someone who is making a fool of them self by trying to be cool.
Blake: Look at Stabler the Pig, he thinks he runs the joint.

Adehan:No Blake-out. But your right, Stabler is the biggest makeout ever!

Stabler: You two better shutup before I bomb ya.

Adehan and Blake:Shush Stabe-out
by Iggy seniors 2010 November 10, 2010
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to practically make your tongue move over to live with you GFs tongue
when you make out to much you mouth got stuck in hers
via giphy
by masturbatingmaster January 27, 2020
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To kiss or do anything romantic that isn't sex.
My boyfriend and I decided to make out in his car.
by weirdgirl June 18, 2003
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