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Your wingman and smartest friend. Someone who offers incredibly detailed and poignent advice about what you should do to be even more awesome than you already are, because you are awesome. Majumdar totally agrees that you're awesome. Totally. Also he'll help you make a good salad or defeat rivals. Basically, with the aid of Majumdar you can't die, and he can't die. Awesome. Totally.
Perhaps a friend of yours: "I can't believe George Bush was president for eight years!"

Perhaps another friend of yours: "It's not that surprising considering his Majumdar was Karl Rove."

Perhaps yet another friend of yours: "I approve of your conversation gents!"
by Fr. Buddy Mcfun February 17, 2010
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A horrible biology professor at Lafayette College. Seems to be very disgruntled at all times, most likely due to the racial profiling he experiences and his inability to board planes with out being interviewed by Feds due to his Indian or of that sort race. He is also afraid of the sun because of its cancer causing ability. Tends to yell at his students for no apparent reason, however is still nice to his research students when they are late to class/sleeping/unable to answer questions.
Dr. Majumdar put a major hurting on me when I took that test, then when I went to dicuss something with him, he yelled at me.
by David Kampnerwitz March 09, 2005
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