An awesome, out-going guy who will never fail to make you laugh. Can wear the most ridiculous outfits and sometimes too much eyeliner, but that's what everyone loves about him, why he's so hard to forget and why he's so special and unique.
Magnus, luv ur outfit!
by Malecbooklover1211 October 15, 2020
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The greatest name to ever been said or seen. If you see a Magnus marry them.
Hey did you see the name Magnus is awesome!
Omg I am soooo naming my kid Magnus!
by Psoeirhrjehjd January 16, 2020
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1. if Tom Cruise and George Bush ever have a scientology baby, this will be the name.

2.The offspring of Tom Cruise and George Bush. has super awesome Scientology fighting powers.
1.Get the Magnu before we have to deal with more scientology Bullshit.

2. Rosy O'Donnel is so fat she looks like Magnu
by John Max January 02, 2008
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Magnus, a sweet boy who is always faithful. He will never ever let you down, Magnus is usually a gamer boy and they most often fall for brunets. They are sorta the jealous type but never let them go, they'll be your best friend. Magnus always fall in love with Shayna, they are just so compatible. Magnus always falls in love with girls that are a little older then them.
person 1: Is that magnus and Shayna?

Person 1: Oh jee there so cute!
by Dooddoo August 18, 2019
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codeword used for marajuana: used while talking on the phone so your mum doesnt know your buying drugs
"ya gettin' sum magnus u filthy mofo"
by Peachypeach January 23, 2007
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Magnus is perfect. No one can be as perfect and amazing as Magnus. Magnus will light up your life, like nobody else will. He is an amazing, caring and loving person. He is very fun to be around, and can be very silly, goofy and giggly. Very competetive and strong-willed. Always wants you to feel comfortable, and is always caring about you and your mood, health and thoughts. Magnus is always there for you, and if Magnus falls in love with you, you will be blessed. He will make you feel like the only girl in the world, and will treat you like a queen. He will give you all the attention and time you need, without it being too much for him. He will listen to everything you say, understand and support you.

Magnus values his friends and family a lot, and he is truly there for them he loves, when they need it.
Magnus is the best cuddler in the world, and is ALWAYS up to cuddling. He loves being the big spoon, and has no problem with being the little spoon as well. He is also the best kisser in the world, and he will always make you feel good in that kind of way :)

On top being one of the best and most loving people in the world, Magnus is very attractive, and can make any girl fall in love with him. He is so hot, and he has a great sense of fashion. He is very tall, and he has a gorgeous body and face. His hair is always perfect, and he smells so good. Everyone should have a Magnus in their life. He is amazing.
Girl 1: "That guy over there is so hot! Who is he?"
Girl 2: "It's Magnus! He is perfect, right?"
Girl 1: "Indeed."
by djella April 28, 2020
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