Very attractive and beautiful girl. Very funny but shy when you first meet her but once you get to know her a little better she is loud and crazy. Very honest and mostly intelligent. Usually has brown hair with blue or brown eyes. Can be a bit of a tease but she is worth. Very active and enjoys sports. Anyone's lucky to have her, defiantly an amazing girl
Person 1: Yah I'm shayna

Person 2 : OMG wow your so pretty i heard so many good things about you
by Asf456 April 13, 2013
About that real bitch shit. Never let a bitch talk shit;on grown woman shit she the baddest and slays at everything she does. The best friend girlfriend and his number one supporter. Never a cheater and is always a loyal one.
by Renee young January 19, 2017
A very amazing person. Someone you want to be around. Can be complicated but that doesn't matter because you will love them once you get to know them. You would want to be with them every moment of your life. There beautiful and as dime as it gets. There good for cleaning up after you and doing things you want them to. Specially for Jacobs.
"Hey Shayna, teach me your football skills NOW." "okay no problem"
by Jacob Crouse December 11, 2012
She is a gorgeous dark skin girl who has a smile that lights up your day. She never sugarcoats and cuts to the chase. She usually is truthful about every thing and could use a filter sometimes. Though the truth may hurt it will benifit you in the long run. Shayna is worried that just because she is darkskin she can't pull but she could pull if guys weren't afraid to approach her. Though the may not be cute now watch out later because when her miracle glo up hits she will be a force to be reckoned with.
Oh you know that girl Shayna?
Yea the one that got thick?

🤤😏 mmmmhhhh
by Savy.shay_ March 18, 2017
Smart,beautiful,awesome, tall,funny. And even if she could be rough she is very caring when it comes to defending her friends. she is the girl who slays the school and is thick.
Boy: you’re ugly!

Friend: (crying and sobbing)
Shayna: bitch don’t talk to my friend like that you hoe
by That awkward bestfriend December 27, 2017
The most amazing person ever. Most likely to succeed in life and is always beautiful.
Wow, she's such a Shayna.
by alwaysintheworld March 16, 2011
The most beautiful girl. Shayna is always there for her friends and won’t ever give up on them. She is a beautiful person inside and out. She is kind, caring, and everything good. Shayna deserves the absolute best in life. Anyone who is friends with a Shayna is extremely lucky.
by marie1931 November 8, 2019