A name that you call someone if you think they are fat and ugly and are the most stupid person you know. mostly used if the person your talking about is there so he dont know your talking about him. or just a way to insult him. can also mean a guy that never goes to school.
god man dont be such a magnus.

i dont wanna skip school today. i dont wanna be a Magnus
by Gooblegabble April 20, 2009
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a huge bitch that looks like a rat and tries to act black and follows people and gets whopped by his dad and he tries to fuck himself daily. he also cries a lot and gets in fights for no reason. he thinks he is better than
by giggity 420 69 November 08, 2019
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hæ eg heiti magnús og er þroskaheftur
by Mamma Thin Er Negri April 04, 2019
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To go full retard mode, often not capable of participate in any social events or having a normal conversation with other people.
Please, Do not act as Magnús now.

No, he cannot come with us, he is acting like a total Magnús
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A Person who are obsessed with eating Svele, he will do everything to get one.

Even kill a person
Please don't be a Magnus

Someone did a Magnus over there.

Look up, a Magnus climbing
by Loveå January 30, 2018
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Often misunderstood, 'Magnus' is actually derived from and originated in, lyrics to a Zeds Dead song. Anyone thought to exist at this static vibration is/was merely a glitch in the simulation.
Your Magnus, your magnus.
by Qlolop May 27, 2021
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