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An adjective to describe someone with the ability to pull the bitches with little to no effort exerted.
I just couldn't get a girl tonight bro. Yeah i guess you weren't magnus enough.
by Turtle Carrot T-Shirt October 28, 2012
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Magnús is the best guy you will meet, trust me. Because besides being really cute and sweet, he will always be willing to help you whenever you are down or sad. He knows how to make you smile, laugh and be happy :) He is probably the best friend who you can find. You can tell him anything and you know for sure he will not tell anyone. You can be yourself with him, he will not ever judge you. He knows how to give love and make you feel loved. I am pretty sure that when you meet him, you will only want to kiss and hug him all time. He deserves it :)

My mother: Who are you chatting with all time smiling at the screen?
Me: It's Mag, Magnús.
My mother: Oh, now I understand EVERYTHING :O
by SpanishGirl August 31, 2013
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Latin adjective meaning great or big.

Feminine form: magna
Neuter form: magnum
Marcus est magnus.
Puer magnus servum vexat.
by AndreasLatinForMANLY November 15, 2006
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Fucking most awesome name in the world. If you are so lucky to have this name, you should be a celebrity becouse of it. all Magnus's are supreme beings and they kick all other's asses
fuck of punk, im Magnus;)
by jørgen von gemø September 04, 2010
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An adjective used to describe greatness.
It was inspired after the word "Magna" that means "great".
The word is usually used to give something a high degree, and can be used to refer to a leader.It can also be used to describe greatness in objects or subjects.
"That guy is the magnus arund here."

"When it comes to beating up people, kurt angle is a pure magnus"

"What a huge magnus cheeseburger!!"
by John Realdeal January 03, 2006
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1. if Tom Cruise and George Bush ever have a scientology baby, this will be the name.

2.The offspring of Tom Cruise and George Bush. has super awesome Scientology fighting powers.
1.Get the Magnu before we have to deal with more scientology Bullshit.

2. Rosy O'Donnel is so fat she looks like Magnu
by John Max January 02, 2008
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