May be used as a proof that there are miracles everywhere.
by aptspire April 22, 2010
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One of lifes greatest mysteries, unsolvable until early 2010. Until a brave duo

by the name of The Insane Clown Posse filled us in.

Magnets are powered by magic and miracles.
"How do they work?"
by Spidermanstailor April 25, 2010
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A term for a magical rock bestowed by the almighty god to piss off heretics such as Mormons. Often used by trolls to taunt the heretics, they will always be used as a relic to worship the god troll, or also known as god. For many centuries, these have kept track of earth's magnetic field which changes poles approximately every 200,000 years.
Example 1:
Mormon Chatbox.
Troll: Heyz do u noez how magnetz workz?
Mormon: FUCK!
Mormon has disconnected.

Example 2:
Troll: Do you possess the almighty magnets?
Troll God: Yes, now go taunt those heretics.
by TheOmegaTroll June 17, 2011
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Definition 1 - "Pieces of metal with polarized attraction and repulsion properties."*

Not found in some online games. Sorry, there aren't any magnets here.

*See example 1

2 - Also used in reply to confusing, strange forum threads, in a sarcastic, ironic or cynical manner.

Example 1 - In an online gaming forum (Condensed version)-

Random noob: are there magnets in this game?
Non noob: What?

Random noob: i dont think i was clear enough.. are there any
magnets in the game, thx

Non noob: Seriously, what do you mean?

Non noob 2: WTF question is this.

Smartass 1: There's a magnet in my pants and it's attracted to you.

Smartass 2: Have my babies.

Non noob 3: well anyways... how was "are there magnets in this game?" any different than "are there any magnets in the game" besides the word any? (that made no sense im sure...)

Smartass 3: Magnet is a hold item for pokemon games.
Since this is not pokemon, NO MAGNET FOR YOU!!!!

Smartass 4: This has to be the weirdest thread ever. The amounts of randomnity it involves is just mind boggling.
(*Related to definition 2)

Random noob: guys can u plz be serious are there magnets like in the game not out of the game in the game???????

Smartass 4: srsly guy dont undrstnd you nd why r u asking kwestun?

Non noob 4: what do you need magnets for?
Everyone is serious here! Nobody make's any idea of what you're talking about!!!!!!
ok... calmed down... so... we never heard of these "magnets". Maybe your english is just bad...
so, tell uncle Chico where did you hear about these "magnets" and then we will talk....

Smartass 5: MAAAAA

Example 2 - Sarcasm and joking -

Forum member 1: Honestly. i dont know what to do anymore, people tell me daggers some people tell me wand. You guys tell me whats the best new weapon to get.

Forum member 2: Get Magnets. They rock.
by Pete The Destroyer March 18, 2007
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Very attractive or charming, having to power to draw others to his/her/itself. Being able to exert an influence on the minds of others.
The exchange student had a magnetic personality even if she didn't speak fluent English.

When the guest spoke, the audience was drawn by her magnetic speech.

Student 1: Yo, why is this girl so magnetic?
Student 2: She's got a sexy accent and can talk anyone into doing anything
by world citizen May 10, 2008
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A fucking magnet is an object or material that creates a motherfucking magnetic field and shit. Magnets are miracles and no one knows how they work, though scientists have created many lies to explain the laws of electro-motherfucking-magnetism.
by Sebastian Gorkamorka April 19, 2010
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"Fucking Magnets- How do THEY work?"- Shaggy 2 Dope
by Hank McDizzleson September 11, 2010
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