What a hispanic person who speaks poor English might call McDonald's.
Guelcome to Madonnas! (say: Mah-doe-na's)
by Andy September 28, 2005
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A pop singer who isn't the best singer, a musician who can't play an instrument, a self proclaimed Jew who isn't really Jewish and who sports an obviously fake English accent. Yet manages to snag the title of the most famous woman in the world. If this is true, it's probably for the sensless acts of stupidity she's commited over the years and the brainless Euro-wannabe sheep who blindly follow her like a cult leader who somehow think she at 50-something is still cool, pulling such moronic stunts just for publicity's sake.
Rodolfo: Wow, Madonna has a new album (in european spain accent)

Kenny: Dude she's old, can't sing, can't play an instrument, thinks she's Jewish, now has accent and she could go F**k herself.
by anonymous8000 February 3, 2008
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Likely the most famous woman in the world. Her controversies and ever-evolving image have kept her in the biz for twenty plus years, though sometimes hurting her commercial success as opposed to empowering it.

She also has several nice tunes and the best pair of legs in Hollywood.
Ex. missionary to African orphan:
"Michael you are being adopted by Mariah Carey!"

"No, no - I won't have any food! Send that tiny Madonna for me PLEASE!"
by jackson222 October 15, 2006
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a pop icon who sings and dances her life away
madonna dances and sings in her music video "hung up."
by blurXIII December 27, 2005
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A peircing in one side of an upper lip. This peircing is almost exclusively seen on younger females, and most often contains a stud, rather than a ring. Named after the famous pop musician, who has a natural beauty spot in the same place.

Unfortunately, this particular peircing is associated with the lower classes, and with people of poor taste.
That girl should never have worn a yellow cubic zirconia in her madonna - now it looks even more like a zit!

People who are brave enough are known to approach a girl with a madonna, and casually tell her that she has "someting on her lip... just there..."
by Mark Blue September 17, 2007
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squishy perky little things that spring up on the chests of overweight men. A.K.A man boobs
(named madonnas because of the cone shaped bras she used to wear)
would you take a look at those huge madonnas, that guy must weigh 250.
by Fiendish August 11, 2005
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The most amazing artist in the history of forever. Got through a lot of problems such as her mother dying when she was 5, and moving to New York with barely any money. Hit it big in 1983, and really became noticed in 1985 with her monster hit "like a virgin" She is the greatest singer and dancer and there are no words to describe her. She is simply the greatest person to ever walk this earth, and music today wouldn't be like this without her.
Fan 1: Guess what?
Fan 2: what?
Fan 1: I'm going to the Madonna concert
Fan 1: Oh my god...are you kidding me?
Fan 1 : No...I'm going
Fan 2: Oh man...she's amazing...You are sooo lucky
by bamjen April 10, 2006
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