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A beautiful female with stunning eyes and long eyelashes. Loves to laugh and snuggle. Full of love and affection yet feisty and headstrong. A born leader...nobody pushes a Madelaine around!
a) I'm tired of being pushed around! I need to be more Madelaine!
b) I couldn't stop staring at her Madelaine eyes!
by tigger70 February 05, 2010
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A beautiful, strong, smart, independent girl. Beautiful from the inside out.
She does everything with her full effort, and always tries her hardest.
Loves and cares for everyone around her, one of the hardest workers out there.
Madelaine is also an amazing sex god. Sexy as hell and knows how do to everything and do it right.
Loves everyone and is still the most honest and loyal woman out there.
Damn, I wish I could love like Madelaine.
I wish I was loyal like Madelaine.
by ULTIMATE_PIE December 22, 2016
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1)meaning to be "uber fly" or outstandingly fucking awesome.
2)a one man gang who has the ability to defeat any bitch ass niggas who wanna fight.. that one man.
3)sex machine
madelaine is good at sex
by Annette Schwarz April 07, 2008
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