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You know like in those movies how you love these 2 people and you totally ship them and it never happens. Lucky for you choni is that except for they do get together, and it’s *coughs* the best thing ever.

There is a MAJOR competition between choni and bughead. BUT STUPID BUGHEAD CAN DIE IN A HOLE! I mean there cute and all but let’s face it, we can live without bughead. You know bughead is kinda trashy.

Choni is the reason we all love Riverdale. Like season 1 who cares, season 2 ehhh season 3 YASSS SIS.

Some crusty dusty parents decided to not let there children watch Riverdale because 2 girls were dating. But you know. They are the trash. Like yet them off a cliff, because if you dont, I will, your welcome:)
by Madspetsch June 30, 2019
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Once you get started on Madelaine it’s very hard to stop.

Madelaine is very much like a drug, just beautiful and in a body.

Madelaine is the definition of perfect, if you don’t know what perfect means, look it up.

It’s very rare to see a Madelaine. Her home base is veggie grill.

I would DEFINITELY want to be her, and so would you.
by Madspetsch June 24, 2019
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Madelaine is highly addictive.

Though only 5’6 she still is very well known for non-stop obsessions.

Madelaine is so beautiful, and the definition of perfect, don’t know what that means? Look it up.
by Madspetsch June 24, 2019
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