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Madalynn is a brilliantly smart, extremely hot, fun to be with. Loves to hunt. Can make just about anyone laugh. Attracts attention to all guys. Can't stand knowing the answer to something. One of the best friends you can ever have. Know just about everyone and is popular. She will help you whenever you are down, and give you advice. Loves sports and is a great athlete that will be successful in life. Most people are jealous of a Madalynn, mostly because they are against pretty/smart people or they just wish they were as cool as Madalynn
Woah! I bet she's a Madalynn, she's perfect.
by Ivana August 08, 2017
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A Madalynn is a girl who is very unique girl who will stick by your side she is a good person to trust. Also she is one of the most prettiest girls ever.
OMG there's Madalynn she is the best friend I could ever have she is like the best sister ever.
by Mindess<3 April 17, 2019
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A Madalynn is a fucking hoe. She always complains about everything and gets everything her way. Yes, she is pretty, actually so pretty that she gets all the boys and has no shame of fucking them. Instead of hanging out with her friends she flirts with her crush and other boys. She sometimes wears makeup which makes her look like a stupid witch. Oh, and did I mention she's really annoying. The way she acts is pukid and she's not funny at all. How could I forget that you can never trust her! If you tell her a secret and tell her to not tell anyone, she promises, but guess what, she fucking breaks that promise and tells bloody everyone. She likes to argue with you until she breaks someone's feelings or wins the "competition". Then when she finds out she was wrong, she said "No, I never said that" and she starts arguing again of how she said the write thing all along. If she hears gossip, she spreads it in a flash. Her number one ability is looking ugly (in the inside and a little on the out) and acting like a total bitch. Never be friends with a girl names Madalynn.
"Madalynn, why did you tell everyone my secret! You selfless, heartless bitch!"
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