The opposite of a Basic Bitch. A boss-ass female who dont take no s**t. ..a G.....gangsta as...
Scott - whose that chick over there she looks like a Mad Bitch

Mike - that chicks got bigger balls than most guys I know....wat a Mad Bitch
by Femenem July 27, 2021
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Kyle Doherty is a mad bitch.
Jake Beaver is not a mad bitch.
by Kyle haha August 10, 2006
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a term used to describe angry female dogs.
yo, see those angry female dogs over there? those are some mad bitches!
by pblartmc November 29, 2011
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To have sex with many woman, not necessarily at the same time. To have many sex partners.
Yo, he's getting laid like all the time, he fuck mad bitches!
by o38 September 17, 2008
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To have aggresive sex with permiscuous women.
Let's go to the club already, I'm gonna slam mad bitches tonight.
by EmmetO October 8, 2007
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Can be used as an interjection in the same way as "cool" "sweet" or "damn awesome"
1) I get to go to Cape Cod this summer! Fuck mad bitches!
2) Fuck mad bitches, that movie was awesome!!
by The Dude June 23, 2004
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a crazy bitch that needs to shave her beaver.
wow man I am never going to that whore house again. A crazy mad beaver bitch tried to gnaw off my willie.
by Lionel Matson February 21, 2008
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