Mackenzie will be one of the best people you will ever know. She will Most likely have blonde or Brunette long hair With Blue or Hazel eyes. She has many friends, followers, and Haters (even though she doesn't deserve them) She says whatever she thinks which may get people on her bad side which you don't want to be on, she may make your life a living hell... But she can also be the best Friend or girlfriend you will ever have. She will often go for the players and will get her heart broke. She also gets her feelings hurt easily so go easy on her. She is also a very good singer and will blow your mind every day!!
Guy 1:Hey who is that cute blonde with the awesome voice?
Guy 2: That's Mackenzie she is about the Hottest girl in the whole world
by SB240 December 21, 2016
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An extremely gorgeous girl that is beyond cool and is really well known in multiple states because of her total awesome-ness
"So dude, youre dating Mackenzie?" -- Mitch
"Yeah man, shes so awesome!" -- JD
by ERWrestler March 05, 2007
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no doubt the most amazing girl ever. so cool and funny. sometimes she doesnt know how amazing and hot she is, but she definitly is 100% amazing, classy, sexy as fuck, smart, cool and fun. someone you can love to death.
mackenzie- I have 875 friends on facebook
steph- thats because everyone is in love with you
by Steph_gio March 24, 2009
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She is an amazing person with a great attitude. She won't take any shit for anyone. She is the most pretty girl you will ever meet. She has big boobs and a huge booty. She has they prettiest smile and can turn your day around. Every time you are around her you will make new memories. She is completely crazy and will do what shes wants. If you ever meet Mackenzie hold on to her and keep her because she will make your world.
Mackenzie is crazy
by Fatboy696922 November 28, 2012
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Mackenzie is the perkiest happiest girl you will ever meet. She is kind of short, but really pretty and nice. She would never do anything to hurt anyone. If you find a Mackenzie, be her friend and always have her back because she will do the same for you.
"Do you know Mackenzie?"
"OMG YES! She's the perkiest person I know."
"Yeah, she's like santa and Disneyland surrounded by a field of flowers with bunnies while eating candy."
"She's just that perky."
by People Hater June 09, 2013
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Hot, funny, girl who just wants to have fun. Usually likes to dance and has a texting obsession. Everyone wants to be her friend. Mostly boys though but girls get very jealous and think she's a bitch. Guys always look at her and dump there girlfriends for her. Is sometimes a klutz and runs into things. Also loves soda.
Guy 1: Hey who is that cute girl that just walk into that door?

Guy 2: Oh, thats Mackenzie isn't she cute?

Girl 1: No, she's a freaking bitch. She's a man stealer!

Guy 2: She is hot!! I'm going out with her!

Guy 1: No you are not going out with her, I am so back off she mine!

Girl 1: Hey your not even aloud to go out with her your mine baby.

Guy 1: I would so dump u for her sweetie.
by Gotta luv April 23, 2009
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Mackenzie is a very beautiful girl. I have yet to meet a prettier person. She doesn't put up with any shit from anybody. If you have something to say be ready for pure hell. Many people are jealous of her athletic abilities and the close friendships she gets with the guys. She is simply the PERFECT girl. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. Lots of guys dont realize what they have when they're dating bu tno one is better! <3 She has a great sense of humor and is way outgoing! She's perfect in every way possible!
Wow! That person is like Mackenzie
by afkl;ghadgy October 07, 2010
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