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The believe or faith in the superiority of the Macintosh computers with a high degree of zeal.
He practiced Macism.
by Dr.Delete October 21, 2004
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Cool and, or useful things Apple Macintosh computers do that surprise you. They are usually actions that make sense, but that aren't often thought about after years of using the Windows operating system.
Devin discovered a macism today. In order to save a picture from a web page to his desktop, instead of right clicking on the image and selecting a menu option, he dragged it to his desktop and it worked!
by Missdarque January 11, 2011
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He who is under the MISCONCEPTION that a Macintosh is in anyway shape or form greater than a PC.
Daniel Wheeler foolishly practices macism
by {=TLA=}Xanatos October 25, 2004
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Macism. The belief that Macs are better than PCs...all lies. As all of us computer nerds know, there has been a long-time battle between Microsoft (makers of the PC) and Apple (responsible for the Mac). And clearly Microsoft has the upper hand.
Bernardo is a firm believer in Macism.
by Nimrod1 February 08, 2006
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Prejudice and/or bad-talk against Macy's department store. Mockeries and slurs about Macy's. The adjective form of this word is "Macial." The noun form of the word to describe a person who hates Macy's is a "Macist."
That Macist Rebecca hates Macy's and spent a good deal of time mocking the store and exhibiting a great amount of Macism.
by Rebecca1982 September 28, 2006
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