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The act of repeated defecation in one toilet without flushing until said toilet is sufficiently clogged and you and your friends are out of shit.
The other day these people went machine gunning in the first floor bathroom, it’s been out of service ever since.
by houseoflies May 07, 2008
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Putting your index finger in someones anus

while keeping your thumb up and your other fingers retracted, thus acting as if your hand were a gun, while moving your finger back and forth fast and making machine gun sounds.
You would'nt believe how much this girl enjoys me machine gunning her asshole!
by DVESenS March 10, 2012
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Flatulence released in repeated intervals while running.
When you're late after spending too much time eating a greasy meal and in the process of running you let out small flatulence at separate intervals synchronized with your steps so that it sounds like a MACHINE GUN. MACHINE GUNNING.
by Mounstah Bites December 26, 2010
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The act of posting multiple times on a bulletin board in order to hit a post number target before your fellow avatars
Example 1

Poster 1 -

"Take teh bu%%er Hammy"

"Take teh bu%%er Hammy"

"Take teh bu%%er Hammy"

"Too late - 10000 is mine!"

Poster 2 - "You machine gunning tw@!"

Example 2

BB Poster 1 : "I see post 250000 is coming up on the THUS thread"

BB Poster 2 : "Aye - i'm gonna machine gun that fecker"
by Beeksy July 08, 2010
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