When a black person has more whiteness than the average whitey.
Stop trying to be black and embrace your white card, you get better benefits anyway.
by CUN* April 18, 2011
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When someone (generally Caucasian,) says something Fucking stupid in response to something being done about something racist.
Or when trying to defend their racist statement.
Fucking stupid Person - If they change the name of the cleveland Indians, they should change the name of the Dallas Cowbows.

Different person - cowbows weren’t sent down a trail of tears, or given virus tainted blankets.
But nice try of the white card


Fucking stupid person - But Indians is a great name for a team now, because there are people in India.

Other person - wow you’re white carding hard.
by Thoughtsaraptor July 05, 2020
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A person who gets married to be able to get health insurance or receive financial aid if not older then 25 years old.
I can't get any help for school so I might have to get a white card marriage.
by Loconsaine March 16, 2016
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