3 definitions by Shitty McCunterman

A guy who likes to rail a women from behind and not make any eye contact with her when she turns her head to look back at him. Also known as the Poping from Behind.
Remember that chick i was with last night? Well, i went for the Pat Pope Style and succeeded.

I totally met this chick last night and ended up Poping from Behind.
by Shitty McCunterman October 12, 2011
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When someone doesn't take losing at a game or in general very well, and they totally flip the fuck out and throw anything that they have in their hand at the person who they lost too. The proceed to leave the room with out saying anything. When over X-box live this person gains balls of steal and will grow extremely racist, violent, and emotional due to losing. WARNING!!!!!! May also cause brief insanity in mumbled words that may or may not sound like Fagot Ass Penguin. Be prepared for life altering threats, random thrown objects, trolling, and the occasional emotional break down. This person is extremely unstable and will stop at nothing to RAGE.
I was playing a game of Magic with a friend and he lost terribly, so he turned into a RAGE-A-SOURAS.

I was playing against a person on X-Box Live and they lost badly. So they proceeded to drastically change into a RAGE-A-SOURAS. All i heard on the other the end was screaming and a phrase that i thought was saying Fagot Ass Penguin.

That kid is totally a RAGE-A-SOURAS
by Shitty McCunterman January 30, 2012
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When a guy is getting a blow job from a random women, pulls out, and blows his load all over her face while holding his dick and screaming Ratt-A-Tatt-Tatt!

Also known as the Rambo and the Frustrated Elmo
I don't think that girl will ever talk to me again after i Machine Gunned her.

That girl got really pissed when i showed her the Machine Gun
by Shitty McCunterman October 12, 2011
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