A loyal and true friend deep down (really deep). Though most of the time tend to be a dumbass. They easily fall in love and stay true to their partner. They will always be there for you...though they may not text back right away....They will listen to your secrets and in turn tell you theres. Truly a great person. Maceo's always stand by there friends. Sadly they are often hurt emotionally (by a rejection or a romantic partner). After many setbacks anyone would loose hope especially Maceo's please remind them(him) not to give up. Expect great things though they may need help getting there. Being friends with a Maceo will be one of best decisions you've ever made.
That dumbass Maceo asked a girl out again.
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Someone that is loyal and extremely attractive and also has shoe game.
by Gucciflipflops$ March 14, 2017
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The coolest most awesome kind of cat ever. He even has his own song....check Jane's Addiction! (pronounced May-See-Oh)
"My cat's name is Maceo. He's a little man in a cat's body!"
by tootershell September 8, 2009
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A really cool, friendly guy, who has many friends and is very likeable by everyone.
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maceo is a tall curly haired person. He can be a dumbass at times but is very sweet and nice. maceo is also a very athletic
person who likes most sports. he is also a very attractive person to most people
by butterfly5 October 23, 2019
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another slang term for the word nigga
guy1 - look at that maceo!

guy2 - hes such a bum
by cd_retro November 24, 2021
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