Any of several short-tailed monkeys of the genus Macaca of southeast Asia, Japan, Gibraltar, and northern Africa. Also said by Steve-O and Chris On an Episode of "Wildboys".
" I Wonder how Macaque tastes. "
by Anoymous April 8, 2005
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"The macaque is a faaaaascinating animal, it's behind is exceptionally red."
(1)A monkey.
(2)Often a name one calls another to imply caracteristics of a monkey or simply idiot.
(3)Male reproductive organ
1- Bananas and shit, literally.
2-Yo, what guy, you're sucha macaque.
3-MA-CAAACK!(also the noise a macaque makes)
Suk ma caque!
by Big Toker_ December 15, 2006
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Pronounced Ma Ca Cue
The best compliment one can ever give you.
He is such a macaque.
Join the macaque squad.
by Peniswrinkles December 13, 2020
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a large object usually used for sexual conduct and pleasure easily manipulated by the oposite sex and is usually found in mapaunts
it takes two hands to hold macaque
by OxBLOOD October 29, 2007
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(mah cocked) - verb.

When someone, usually a man, tries to get with a girl who is completely out of his league. Such as to say, of another species. The macaque monkey is one of the few animals that tries to mate with another animal outside of its species purely for pleasure.
That guy with summer teeth and a dirty beer gut just macaqued me at the dollar store.
by NoleChick August 16, 2018
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Some of the nicest people you will ever meet. They may look chill, but when the party starts, they’ll be the ones of the dance floor first. Try not to let them see your phone, as they like to look through your photos.
by AncientDuckie March 27, 2022
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