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A loving girl who is usually very social, attractive, and loving. Macalls are usually blonde and short, and are loyal to their friends and family.
Macall is cool.
by twilightilove August 14, 2011
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Macall is a sweet boy. Although often very social, this guy can be seen in the outdoors simply wandering about without a care. He is very handsome and is the kind of person you won't forget. He is very smart and this intelligence will take him far. He is a very musical person who couldn't live without his ipod. Macall always takes care of his friends but for him, family comes first. When it comes to passions, Macall like swimming, dancing and anything that has to do with animals since they are of huge interest for him. He is not a very techy person but he always gets by. If you run into a Macall, never let first impressions fool you.. he's a keeper.
"Hey, who's that amazing guy?"
"It must be a Macall! They're rare around here! Take a picture!"
by turning.the.tide May 13, 2010
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