The leader of the notorious Mac Crew. Legend among legends, he is widely talked about but rarely located. Among his repuation as one of the best underground rappers along side other famous rappers, he is a force to be feared.

The members of the Mac Crew are loyal to extreme measures. Small subects of the Mac Crew can be located all over North America, but the original head crew has unkown whereabouts (adding to the myth of the Mac Crew).

Mr. Mac's right-hand man (also a well established rapper) is none other than Mac Daddy. Other high ranking members of the Mac Crew are Lil Mac, Mac 10, Mackin High, Doggy Mac, and Big Mac.

Ruthless and always dominant to rivals and protective brothers to his allies. Mr. Mac is the kingpin of his domain.
Thug1:Mr. Mac just made another album.
Thug2:Shit I hear he tore out the game in this one.
by D-loc Wiliams January 3, 2006
Mormon thugs in three piece suits who guard the world against sin, vice, fun, and love.
The Mr. Mac Danites handcuffed me and cited me for trespassing for kissing on church property.
by Phescado July 22, 2009
an honorable, sweet person. They may be quiet at first, but when you talk more they will open up to you. Not the best to be in a relationship with but decent for one date.
Boy 1: "Oh, what are you eating?"
Boy 2: "I'm eating Mr Big Mac, of course!"
Boy 3: "Very Mr Big Mac of you!"
by chocolatelover223 November 8, 2020
fat cunt
always starting conflict

constantly going out of his way to annoy you for attention
Boy 1: "Look it's Mr Big Mac!"
Boy 2. "Let's get out of here."
by SaintofTwinkies February 4, 2021