M : Most
R : Recent
P : Puker
Jose : I think I might be the MRP, that vodka was too much.

Enrique : Hell no, that stupid bitch Nancy puked all over my jeans at 4am, she is the official MRP.
by calibar December 13, 2010
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MRP stands for Mature Role-Play. Role-Play in this definition refers to the typing RP done in video games, chatrooms and forums.

MRP is role-playing that may involve violence, strong language, drama and quite often sex scenes, though unlike ERP, the scenes are a sub-product of the RP, not the whole RP.

MRP will usually be a long term role-play and anything that happens in the RP will effect the characters for the rest of the storyline. MRP is suggested only to those who can understand adult situations and consequences as well as those who do not mind having their character die or change completely if the RP calls for it.

MRP is basically RP that is rated R.

The term is often confused with ERP by people who think maturity means sex, but it is very different.
We should have an MRP to develop the characters.
by Villanite December 29, 2007
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An acronym standing for the phrase: "Mentally Retarded Person."
You are a f*****g MRP!!!
by jbeckman March 5, 2008
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The Magical Red Pen, belonging to the delegate of Luxembourg, that made its breakthrough appearance at RCIMUN and stunned all the delegates that saw it.
Delegate A: How did you write such an incredible resolution?
Delegate B: I used the MRP!
by PedroFile April 22, 2009
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Loyal; Treat others as they treat the MRP; believers of equality; Haters of snobs, fakes, liers, those who are un-loyal, those who believe they are better than others, and those who are flat out bad people; Not afraid to be honest; will back down to no one and nothing; Always open to all; always willing to try new things; relaxed; laid back; Does not care about what others think of them; includes no drama what so ever.
The MRP is sweet, we should hang out with them more often.
by A Winner February 15, 2005
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"Multi-Racial Posse" A group of boys attending Walt Whitman Highschool representing countries such as Cuba, Hondoras,Jamaica,China and religions such as Mormanism, Judaism, Persian(ism?), and some Christians. The majority represent the Boys Soccer team (4-9-1) while one remains a star on the football team, having stellar performances time and time again. The group encompasses all from the hot QB to the riverman. Known for excluding girls from parties, these boys know how to throw a mean get together (although occasionally too anti-social for their own good).
The MRP is horny but still not getting any.
by MRP3DR November 17, 2004
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timmy: dude did your parents catch you!?

jimmy: na dude but i was mrping my pants
by joeyjoejoeshobadoe October 13, 2011
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