Mentally Retarded Female, as used on grossly underappreciated television show Arrested Development. Usually identified by bracelet marked with said initials. Also known as Mr. F.
Charlize Theron played Rita, a wealthy MRF from Wee Britian, who wanted to make PopPop with Michael Bluth. The mere fact that she called it that tells me that she was ready. Michael, like most other "Yanks," were unaware of her condition because it was masked by her intelligent sounding English accent.
by Einna January 24, 2006
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Mentally Retarded Female. First used to described the adult character Rita in Arrested Development who everyone at first thought was eccentric, but in reality was only at the elementary school level in terms of brains and maturity.
No way dude, you don't want anything to do with her, she an MRF!
by SpelledBackwards April 24, 2006
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Marsupial Royal strike Force, a crack team of Marsupials that respond to world crises', such as hostage situations and nuclear threat. Have been shown 9/10 better than the Navy Seals.
The MRF Team saved another hostage from that burning building that's full of Commie-Nazis.
by The Awesomer February 7, 2005
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A word originating online, that may be shouted in pleasure, or pain.
It can be anything.
Tom enters a room in a particularly good mood, says he, "mrf!"
Don trips over a book, and lands face first into a pin cushion, says he, "MRF!!"
by mbs357 November 7, 2003
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My mom has been constantly nagging me man, and I'm totally in a MRF state now.
by Anita Rane September 13, 2008
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Mountain Red Flower.. it translates to Konda Erupu Puvvu in Telugu which is used as a synonym for Konda erri poo...
People use this phrase when some one does or says something and finds himself in an awkward position.
he downloaded a big movie for a full day, but its different from what he wanted to watch, he is an mrf.
by Ramana January 18, 2008
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