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Maximum Playing Time

When the house is free for a limited time so the moment the parent leaves, this is Maximum Playing Time
'When is your mum leaving?'
'About 9'
'I'll be round at 9:05 for Maximum Playing Time(MPT)'
by Einnob nagrom May 25, 2017
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An acronym. Originally thought to mean Manufacturing Process Technician by ordinary management. However,on the contrary, actually represents the hierarchy established in a world class plastic injection department. The Molding Process Technician (MPT) is a skilled craftsman at the science of plastic injection processes and all things related to injection moulding. A step under the engineer level. Not to be confused with Draken
He's an MPT for paint! That's can't be your ooyfm , MPTs only work in the injection zone. Oh in that case we should corn dog that wannabe.
by JβŠ™nZillA October 14, 2014
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Million profile troll. A person who post on forum with a million profiles
Please leave MPT, we blocked you from this site because you are a pedophile and this is your 50th profile today
by thewizardsson February 26, 2010
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My pussy tingles. Used when someone IS REALLY REALLY HOT.
*hot guy shows up*
me : MPT MPT
guy : what does that mean?
me : oh nothing 😍
by wksjsnns August 09, 2017
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a lot of times we hv probs to write a SMS & TO CHAT so mpt means empty
if u wanna write " you empty headed"
u can easily write " u mpt headed"

by fang2026 February 16, 2009
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