A person who gives zero shits about absolutely everything and by doing so he is the happiest mother fucker around.
Girl 2: oh that hot happy mother fucker? He must be Draken
by pigsarefriendsnotfood July 9, 2015
Draken is one of the best looking people in the whole wide world.

Draken is also extremely reliable and has a wonderful heart of gold.
Without a Draken by your side you could simply just be lost forever and ever and ever. Please always have a Draken by your side :/
I almost let my dark impulses take over but I’m glad that Draken was by my side to stop me.
by Kyrie Milantino September 8, 2021
Draken bhot shai banda hai
Everyone: Draken kitna shai banda hai
by drakendiscordwala May 19, 2022
In the fictional world of online roleplay, Maggie Draken (now Magdaline Fong Wong), is a fiery redhead. 5'4" and full of fire. She has served in Kingdom of Goldenmyst, and co-founded Order of the Moon, giving were creatures of all sorts a place to call home. She is a druidess, midwife, and warrior. She became well known for her honeycakes, and has been known to knock a man flat with her kiss.

She married Kyo Fong Wong (formerly Ryu Fong Wong). During a twist of fate, Ryu left his Maggie. Only to return later taking on the name of the first destined child to show his love and loyalty.

Maggie has three step-children:



All from Kyo's first marriage.

She has two adopted children:


Both of them lost in the fall of Kingdom of Goldenmyst

She has given birth to three children with Kyo:

Kamaria Cora-Rei aka Kami
Dante Sora
and most recently
Baby Ryu

The stories of Kyo and Maggie, are being written into book form.
Maggie Draken makes the best honeycakes, and her kisses are deadly
by LadyStrange March 24, 2011
A place full of pedophiles and alcoholics. This place is basically heaven.

I'd love to go there myself but I have enough pedophilia at my own home.
- Let's go to drakens värld! It'll be so much fun!
- Alright nigger, let's go!
by Gayretardnumber20000000 December 16, 2019
Antisocial and having a negative vision of the world.
Drakie was blocking everyone from his mind and the world around him was pitch black. - Draken Rose
by Darken Rose November 3, 2020
Draken is a muscular teenager who is exceptionally tall for his age. His head is shaven on the sides and back to expose his signature dragon tattoo on his left temple. He has long blonde hair and a dark brown complexion. In contrast to his father's silver hair, Draken's hair is red and curly. The only noticeable difference between Drakens is that Draen is shorter and stockier than his dad. Draven is also incredibly fit. Most of the time Draren is seen shirtless while his body and legs are covered with a thick black leather vest. While Drawen has a pair of black pants that go well with his black shirt and black belt. Lastly, Drawendroids is Draek's father. As mentioned before, he is stocky and muscular. At the end of his life, his hair was cut into an even cut that covered his chest. This is similar to Drapen's. Some people may find that rather than having his entire body covered in black, it would be better if his upper body was covered instead. However, this is not something that anyone can really argue against.
- Yo! I'm Drawendroids and I'm a Draek's father.
-Welcome to Tokyo Manji Gang BRO! -Draken (Tokyo Revengers)
by Drapen December 2, 2021