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An increasingly common condition where, on hearing a Michael Jackson song, a person spontaneously bursts into an MJ dance routine. Symptoms can include a rhythmic jerking of the neck muscles, slow nodding of the head, pouting and thrusting of the pelvis. The movements are often accompanied by squeals, whoops and shouts of Shamone! In extreme cases the patient exhibits zombie-like characteristics such as clawing fingers and twitching before grabbing their own knees, turning and stomping forwards. This often occurs in the company of others with the same affliction, when the condition becomes collectively known as Flash Mob.
I can’t stop dancing to Thriller – I must have Michael Jackson Syndrome and it’s addictive, man!
by Shakes-Spear October 24, 2012
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A condition that causes a person to exude faith in the human spirit to "Heal the World". This is a very selfless condition that is contagious and if spread worldwide, there will indeed be peace amongst all nations.
"Love and peace should be the ultimate goal for all nations in order for this planet to let's apply the Michael Jackson Syndrome."
by PY Love and Peace October 21, 2012
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An innocent person, humanitarian and global treasure who uses his platform to speak for downtrodden and marginalized humans and raises millions of dollars for social causes around the world.

(OR) Being stalked, maligned, attacked; being accused of crimes, egotism or assorted behaviors falsely while innocent; and being and mocked for trying to bring social and cultural problems to light to improve the condition of the world and make it a better place.

(OR) a sickness in humanity that causes it to admire, esteem and build up its global humanitarian treasures as they rise from their midst, only to hound, tear down and bully them with tabloid and mainstream journalism until they succumb to the lethal pressures of visibility, fame and fatal empathy for fellow humans or the the human condition. To leave them dispirited or dead, quickly moving on to the next target.
Michael Jackson and Lady Diana Spencer were victims of "Michael Jackson Syndrome."
by NamasteBK October 24, 2012
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A condition that makes you want to show your love and deep appreciation for all around you...often accompanied by an intense need to tell people "I Love you".
Sarah's personality changed when she finally achieved her dreams--Michael Jackson Syndrome took over and she became kind and concerned about others.
by Moon Child November 01, 2012
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A condition whereby no matter how badly you're treated by your fellow man, you continue to show nothing but love and respect for your fellow man.
Remember that other guy 2000 years ago who got treated abominably but only gave back Michael Jackson Syndrome?
by Moon Child November 01, 2012
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A pathological desire to defame and discredit a good person, which manifests itself mainly in journalists and tabloid reporters, leading to slander, misrepresentation, and a compulsion to ignore the truth in favor of scandal or juicy gossip. One of the most notable practitioners is "Hard Copy"'s Diane Dimond who for the majority of her career has allowed her obsession with Michael Jackson to completely warp her professional ethics and make her credibility a joke.
Journalists with Michael Jackson Syndrome can't tell the truth about anyone more famous and successful than they are--they're pathetic.
by Obvious57 November 15, 2012
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