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Minors Gone Wild.

Bestfriends who are Minors who are under the age of 18 who engage in hitchhiking, drinking, hookah, highschool parties and hustling.
MGW was all at that party last night!

MGW was in my car !
by AshJax February 27, 2008
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Money Grubbing Whore- used to describe the efferdescent female who is only interested in a man because he is hot, wealthy and sucessful, while she is none of the three. Differs from Gold Digger as the age difference factor does not apply.
Amanda is such an MGW, Peter better be careful.
by jt7dreamz August 09, 2005
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Mexican Girl Wasted: when a mexican girl gets really drunk only as a mexican girl can
Did you see Claudia throwing up at the club?

Ya, she was MGW
by chad brochocinco February 13, 2012
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