Die koeien produceren veel mest. (Those cows produce a lot of dunn)
by NickGsch September 12, 2005
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Yo dawg, Britney Spears is a lesbian? Dude, thats mest.
by BigA August 19, 2004
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Mest is a name a person can take on and it gives them special powers. When you take on the name Mest you become a god of all the elements those who have not also taken on the name must bow before you and suck your toes. Becoming a Mest makes you a natural leader and makes all the hot women gravitate towards your gloriousness. Those who wish to stand against you actually end up dying in Minecraft and lose all the shit only the gayest off men will come after you and you will have to remain strong for they will be extremely thicc. Your Mestical powers will evolve over time and you will have to learn to control them or the amount of girls following you will start to be distracting (i mean all those thicc women hmmm) after you powers have evolved to a power level of over 9000 you will begin to feel a sensation of needing to kill all annoying people this will properly fix the earth. Next step to being a Mest is to establish your country naturally all the armies of the world will surrender to you once they discover your Mestical powers. You can marry if you want but know all off your children will receive powers and want to kill you. We suggest you kill them before they reach the age of 12. That basically sums up being a Mest there are many other powers you will receive but it would take far to long to type it all down.
Oh and as a Mest having Mestical powers you will have
I became a Mest so my boyfriend would submit to me.
by Mestical April 26, 2019
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A mest is a combinaiton of a pest and a mess, but frequently used as a term of endearment.
My baby is such a mest for throwing up in the alley after the bar closed and drunk-dialing my ass at 4 am.
by Schnoosy July 31, 2006
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tommy to nathan:you smell like poop
saruh: that's mest
by michelle angeline March 11, 2008
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Dani's wears this vest of mest. Dani's are the only wearers of mest vests. Mest vests are both fantasmic and magical.

See also: mufasu and rafar
Dani's mest vest is yellow with black polka dots and it eats pears.
by cato July 14, 2004
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