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Basically the best collaboration among people. Taken from the ever so popular "Jersey Shore." Only the best of the best are selected to be a part of this elite group. The three members of this collaboration are said to have blood similar to those of gods. People subconsciously bow down to MDP as they walk in front of them. MDP ALWAYS gets what they want. Some think the power is such a gift that it may even be a curse. With the great power of MDP comes great responsibility. Once a member, always a member.
Phoebe: "Who are those three guys over there?"
Paul: "That is MDP, you better step aside"
Phoebe: "What is happening to me? Why am I bowing down?"
Paul: "It just happens, don't fight it. The power of MDP can bring even the strongest men to their knees."
by H20Gang May 08, 2011
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Million Dollar Piss
the therm used to describe urintation that the after affects alone are worth a million dollars.
joe: what took you so long in there.?!?!
Rick: Dude it was worth it it was like a MDP
by ZAOS November 18, 2009
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Very similar to MVP (most valuable player). MDP (most downie player) is usually awarded to the player with most team kills, suicides and/or was just completely and utterly useless.
Underlord256 definitely qualified for MDP right there.

I better wax my pits to remain agile. I don't wanna be MDP after all.
by HotRails February 07, 2009
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