Major Dick Move

1.Doing something pretty stupid
2. Bad move
Guy 1 :Oh my god!
Guy 2 : What?
Guy 1 : I just did the biggest MDM ever!!
Guy 2 : What did you do?
Guy 1 : I forgot my mom's birthday
by Datboiarab May 04, 2010
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Mid Day Masturbation. The greatness of settling down in the middle of the day when that nagging broker will not cease. You sneak off to a work bathroom, your bedroom, anywhere really, and bust a load. Then you go back to your normal routine as if nothing amazing just occurred.
Rob: Jeff, why are you smiling?
Jeff: I just MDM'd in the basement.
Rob: You lucky son bitch!
by Ghandi Von wilson January 18, 2012
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The amount of time for one minute in the "Drabbant System"
(roughly 7 minutes)
"That teacher talked for two MDM's"
by Cold Ass Honky February 12, 2013
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Madam or ma'am is a title for a woman. It is derived from the French madame, the equivalent of Mrs. or Ms., and literally signifying "my lady." The plural of madam in this sense is mesdames. The French madame is in turn derived from the ancient Latin mea domina meaning honored mistress of the home.
Madame Butterfly

SMS Q: Have U my k?
by Gustty October 08, 2007
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