It's the kind of man who at first glance seems perfect, is friendly, gentlemanly and seem to care about your feelings, everyone seems to love him
as a fuck boy but with a lot more class and money

in the end he showed his true colors and end up with a broken heart. yours of course
You're screwed up and brilliant,
Look like a million dollar man,
So why is my heart broke- Lana del Rey, million dollar man
by lavandergirl August 16, 2016
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The man that you find either once in a lifetime, or not at all, who's perfect. He might have average looks or weird personality quirks, but he's yours anyway.
"I finally found my million dollar man."
"Are you sure that's him? I mean, c'mon, look at him. He's weird."
"He's mine."
by Ixaya September 4, 2015
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Also known as Ted DiBiase. A former WWF wrestler who wrestled in the 70s, 80s, and 90s who is most famous for creating the million dollar championship and his catchphrase"Everybody has a price!" He has 3 sons, all were also at one point were a professional wrestler, his son Ted DiBiase Jr. Was even signed to WWE at one point
"Everybody has a price for the million dollar man Ted Dibiase!"
by Sneaky crown January 8, 2014
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