BattleTech Universe only.

The Mad Cat was the first Clan 'Mech to be seen in the Inner Sphere, and is likely the trademark 'Mech of all of the Clans because of its incredible versatility, speed, and staying power. Massing at 75 tons and moving as fast as most Inner Sphere medium 'Mechs, the Mad Cat supposedly gets its name from the boxy missile pods of a Catapult (Cat) and the dual-laser arms of a Marauder (the designation of the Marauder was MAD, i.e. MAD-5T).
Unless you're in a Clan 'Mech of your own or in something larger, steer clear as just one in any configuration will ruin your day.
The mercenary MechWarrior shifted to his right a little to look out the side of his viewport. He thought he saw a Catapult at first, but upon closer inspection it had arms going out from the missile pods. "What is it?" he cried on the radio. "That's the craziest looking Catapult I've ever seen!"
by prdarkfox August 9, 2005
I did something totally mad-cat when I called my friends girlfriend the wrong name.

That off brand controller, mad-cated the basic design needed to play the game Efficiently.

I mad-cated my friends girlfriends name.
by Donkey Kong Rice October 16, 2013
Extreme traction or having lots of grip. Common lingo among gear heads.
Bro, your MX-5 handles like a mad cat on carpet!
by David H Toppston May 20, 2007
When a person or persons are so extremely mad that they strip down and start attacking what's ever in sight like a mad cat.
Run! Jorge has gone cat mad! He already took Jenny!
by tankdoom October 18, 2010