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Short for "mysterious black dude", the character who briefly appears in the trailer for Metroid Other M. Dubbed this title by the community of the gamefaqs forums, he is known for his famous line "Remember me?" and has been the subject of several pictures and videos.
Guy 1: Who's that character in the trailer?
Guy 2: It's the MBD!
by blighboy June 16, 2009
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MBD stands for "my bad, dog" usually used apologetically or sarcastically following some sort of conflict or confrontation about some incident that recently occurred. i.e. An outburst from another party.
Tim: You just slammed the door in my face!
Jon: Oh, I didn't see you! MBD!
Tim: No worries, man.
by KylieKarnage July 01, 2011
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mental break down ; when someone’s been crying
I just had a mbd because I’m dog died
by keylalc December 04, 2018
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Short for "My bad dude(s)"
Gio: C'mon Jackie, that's just a skip-it!
Jackie: MBD...
by J.Lee May 22, 2005
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A medieval battle group based out of Council Bluffs Iowa.

MBD - Medieval Battle Day

This organazation has been going on for 5 years and dose not do any roleplaying or dress up or historically acturate battles

Everyone hits eachother with wooden weapons based on a simple set of death rules.

Various events are held, The most important is the Winter Tournament,

Other minor tournaments include the October tournament and the Spring and Summer tournament.

The organization is also 420 friendly.
Shit dude its Thursday and 4 o'clock we gotta get to MBD
by Zanzabaro May 19, 2011
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Meet a girl, Beat(fuck) a girl, Delete the girl (memory, phone, email).

When you meet* an 'innocent' young lady and make her feel good, she go home with you and you beat* it up and the next day (or later that night) you have *no idea* who she is.
Hey I'm at Miami's nothing but girls everywhere... Somebody gonna get M.B.D. tonight... M.B.D. for life.
by System1024 January 26, 2012
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A serious disease that may be caught through physical contact. Known as mad brandon disease.

growth in chin
The man caught M.B.D. and know he will never be normal again
by gomets61 March 27, 2007
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