L33t Hellenic CounterStrike clan, feturing the most impossible combination of extremely intelligent yet twisted men in the greek region, claiming that all its members are gay though that is inaccurate for they use theis virtual gayness to literally PWN every other CS clan.
weapon of choice: G3
Maza RULEZZZZ! Davout gamiesai!
Kai o morgion glyfei poutsous!
by Mpampiniotis January 28, 2004
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Meaning you did something mad as a
In a good mad for example you went to a competition and you a really good job.
Fam u did a Maza still
by Oh gxjfmggmfngvf svtx May 12, 2019
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Maza (or Maza Nostra) is an Online clan or online community if you like. It orginated from ArcticMud in 1996 and spread its tentacles and testicles in other online games too. Examples include Counter-Strike, Mu-Online, Eve-Online, City of Heroes etc.

It's members are mainly of proud greek heritage, are hairy and have smelly feet and hang out in their official homepage forums (www.mazanet.gr.

During their meetings they consume enormous amounts of Tzatziki and Souvlaki

Their despicable enemies are:
International: Morgion
Greek: Davout (he is gay and a disgrace to the Greek nation).
Maza Nostra rules.
Maza is the law.
by Tegopoulos July 18, 2004
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Vox Media "journalist" Carlos Maza recently went on a woke crusade to deplatform comedian Steven Crowder from YouTube.
This in itself failed, but the side effect of this was YouTube updating its policies, which wound up affecting creators across the site. As of now, YouTubers and even journalists are finding their channels demonetized for "offensive content".
This incident is the first example of something louder, dumber, and more devastating than the Streisand Effect - The Maza Effect.
My channel was demonetized due to "offensive content"?
Goddammit, I got hit by the Maza Effect.
by CRASHjester June 5, 2019
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Iron: Hey Maza, have some loot!
Maza: /gquit
Everyone: Who would have thought Maza was going to pull a Maza? /shockedpikachuface
by Elerin December 9, 2019
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